Project 5 2 is a faith-based 501C3 distributor of food, clothing, supplies, and finances to those in need. Initially, the ministry focused on the Cincinnati tri-state area, but has since grown to include some of the poorest counties in the United States within the Appalachian regions of Eastern Kentucky.

Founded on biblical principles, the name “Project 5 2″ was inspired through the biblical account of the miraculous feeding of 5,000 when Jesus blessed a meager 5 loaves and 2 fish. Project 5 2 believes and exists on that same principle, God will bless the meager into abundance, if we just ask, receive, and do . . . He will multiply.

Project 5 2 can be a key revival “tool” in the hands of any pastor or business person desperate for community transformation. Reaching across denominational and state lines, Project 5 2 acts as a trumpet call to those willing to GO and take Jesus Christ to the 4 corners of the earth.

How does it all work?

Project 5 2 is an equipping ministry; equipping others in need with tangible gifts, service, and prayer and discipleship. Our desire is to form alliances with Kingdom-minded individuals, groups, churches, businesses, and even cities who understand Kingdom principles and are desperate for revival and transformation their regions. We liken ourselves as a Gideon army of unknown “Josephs”, who are trying to live-out Acts 2 and 4, Matthew 25 and 28 with I Corinthians 13 as the foundation.

-Corinthians 13-

Project 5 2 Overview

We serve others in the name of Jesus and touch over 10,000 people per week with at least one donated product, donated item, or with financial assistance.

We work with 6 “Core” Churches to-date that have adopted regions that are hurting. These “Core” Churches have committed to monthly trips to distribute food, clothing, and Bibles.